Need drums for your next release? I can record and produce professional drum tracks from my studio! Working closely with you, we can get the perfect drum sound and performance tailored to your song.

How does it work?

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Send me over your track and we will discuss your vision for the drum part over a call with me at the drum kit. If you have any reference tracks for specifics like drum tuning and timbre, let me hear them!

Step 2


I'll get to work tracking the drums with everything that we discussed in mind. I take great pride over my drum sounds so your song is in good hands! If you'd like to be present at the session via a video call I can arrange this. I'm easy going with revisions so if something isn't quite right just let me know and I can fix it.

Step 3


I'll deliver your drums however you like, whether it be raw multitracks, or a mixed stereo track. Standard delivery will be 24bit WAVs at 44.1Khz, unless you specify otherwise at the start of the process.

Sample Recording

Watch this demo video with my own stereo mixdown, or download the raw multitrack to see how you could integrate my drums into your project:

Simply drag the above audio files into your DAW and have fun honing in your drum sound!

24bit 44.1Khz, Tempo - 105BPM